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Product Pricing

Topsoil is the main product we work hard to provide. We offer other materials when available and can also get different materials from other sources when requested.


JANUARY 1st 2024

Topsoil             $13.50 cubic yard ($45 min per load)

Topsoil brought in from various areas around the valley, we test it often and verify that it meets min requirments for planting. Screen sizes we use are 6 mm, which is less than 5/16 finished product.


Topsoil Blend  70/30(topsoil/soil pep)    $27 cu yd

($60 min per load)

Screened topsoil blended with soil pep(higher quality compost), blended at a 70 percent topsoil to a 30 percent soil pep mixture. This is good for planter boxes and flower gardens.


1" Gravel        $15.00 ton ($45 min per load)

Crushed and screened to 1/2" to 1" gravel. We process what rock comes from the topsoil production to get this gravel, we also crush concrete to add to this product as well.


Crusher Fines or Fill Sand      $8.00 ton ($45 min per load)

This product is screened to a half inch minus, which includes fractured rock and sandy soil. We have this tested when requested for compaction and sieve test. Great for back filling, and some pipe bedding applications.


Boulders          $35.00 ton

Various boulders brought in or left over from screening process. Colors and sizes varry and have a limited quantity


DUMPING OF DIRT    Free-$80 a load

We accpect dirt that will work for screening. If it is of good quality topsoil that needs refining then it would be free to dump. Any dirt that needs ammending or is unable to be used as soil is a $40 min charge. Concrete if its clean is a $80 min charge. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REJECT ANY LOADS BROUGHT IN. Any loads with garbage, asphalt or hazardous waste will be rejected, if you do not disclose that it has harmful materials in the load you may be responsible for its removal from out property, hazardous waste could lead to fines or legal repercussions.


Delivery Options

We deliver our product to just about any where. delivery depends on how much is ordered and the distance from our location. Delivery usually adds $120-$600 per load depending on what is needed and where its going. Scheduling requires advance notice.

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